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Symphonic Work: Peace For Christmas

Total Duration: 06:20 mm:ss

Composer: B Mahler

Identity Audio Brand

Peace For Christmas - B Mahler
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All audio in your public appereance leaves impressions; unwanted-hidden-or aimed at.

We would like to create this accordingly to your products, exhibitions and housebrands, and want to create and adapt your Corporated Identity with the right choice of music, sound and voices.

Partly or on the whole run we individually do compose, edit and arrange the music used for your documentaries on the Spot and appropriate.

Audio Identity Branding is optionaly included within all our works for you with no extra fee.


And also, we do not charge any GEMA-licensing once your audio is manufactured.

Give your museum, exhibition and Art for sale an Audio Identity and make them recognizable and easier to handle without extra costs.

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